My dog, Waylon loves going to Ready, Pet, GO! Lori treats Waylon like her own dog while I am gone. He gets all the attention, exercise and love he needs. More importantly, I love taking him to Ready, Pet, GO! because I know that he is being cared for in the best possible way, which allows me to enjoy my vacation and not worry. I am so thankful I have Ready, Pet, GO! to take him to for care. I won’t take him anywhere else.
-Jesse O.
Waylon's Mom


      My beloved    Sammy

Why use a professional pet sitter?

Pets are happier and healthier in their own home environment.  Familiar routines, sounds and scents of their home keeps them at ease while you’re away. 

Lessens stress for your pet of being left in an unfamiliar place. No hassle of transporting your pet to and from a kennel.
No exposure to other animals, sickness or parasites.

Relatives, friends, or neighbors will not be obligated or inconvenienced  by having the additional  responsibilities of caring for your pet(s).

Gives you peace of mind, knowing that a professional is caring for your pet, and your house will be looked after while you are away.


        Hear what our clients have to say about
                         Ready, Pet, GO!

I am so happy that Lori has decided to start a pet sitting business.  I met Lori several years ago; we made quick friends as we had a connection from the start...animal lovers!

My husband and I consider our dog part of our family, like a child!  Lori is the same way with her own pets.  When Lori told me of her new adventure I was thrilled.  Finding a good pet sitter is not easy.

Lori is absolutely wonderful with our

Newfie, "Rocko"- he is a big teddy bear and  loves attention!  Lori plays with him, brushes him and has lots of fun with Rocko.  My husband and I trust Lori to come to our home and take care of Rocko.  She is destined to be very successful with Ready, Pet, GO! 

~Toni H.
Rocko's Mom

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