Initial Booking Consultation~Complimentary

At this initial visit, we will meet you and your pet(s) and discuss detailed instructions on how to care for them in your absence. Vacationers will establish the number of visits needed each day (average is 3-4 with dogs and 1 with cats). Paperwork will be completed and we will receive a house key and/or alarm information at this time. This meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service.

Ready Key Program: If you want us to keep a copy of your house key for future service, please have a house key ready for us. For your security all keys are kept secured and coded. By keeping your key on file (especially if you travel often) a $5 key pick-up fee will be avoided and makes your arrangements with Ready, Pet, GO! seamless. 

“Wags and Whiskers” Visit (up to 30 minutes)

  • starting at $15.00 (includes up to three pets) Add $2.00 for each additional pet. (Please call for a fair quote on households with more than
    4 animals.) 
  • feeding/watering (medication if needed)
  • litter box maintenance/dog mess clean up as necessary 
  • short playtime, or a quick dog-walk in neighborhood, tummy rubs, brushing etc..(will be tailored by each pets needs and owner’s request) 
  • home security/gate keeping~all trips can include mail retrieval, turning lights on/off, adjusting blinds, garbage to curb, watering plants etc.

Please note: Prices quoted are based on up to a 5 mile (one-way) distance from our business located in south Missoula. Please add $2 per visit for homes over 5 miles away. We are unable to service accounts past the 8-mile mark.

“The Daily Doggie” Visit (45 minutes) $20.00

Perfect for the working professional who can’t get home to exercise Fido! This can include walking, playtime for puppies, exercise for high endurance K-9’s, or just TLC for a doggie that needs a little more one-on-one time! Let us help you meet your dogs exercise needs!

“Slumber Pawty” (overnight stay at Ready, Pet, GO!) ~$30.00 (1 dog) / $45.00 (2 dogs)

  • “at home feel”  for your dog with free roam and "pet friendly" comforts in a safe and sheltered environment. ~includes a large fenced back yard with room to play and lots of shade. 
    ~please call for details on availability and requirements.  
Additional Ready, Pet, GO! Services Offered upon request:
  • Pet Taxi: transporting pet to vet appointment, groomers etc.
  • Airport Taxi: transporting you and family members to airport 


"You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, "My God, you're right!  I never would've thought of that!" ~ Dave Barry

Malibu~A sweet girl that loves to smile!

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